Ramp up Your Vehicle's Efficiency with HandiRamp's Cargo Van Ramps

You’ve invested a lot into your business, so it’s essential that your transportation solutions improve both the safety and efficiency of your work, your employees and you. The HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp provides an easy, efficient and safe way for you to load and unload your standard or full-size van. Our cargo van ramp is the result of years of research and constant improvement, born from the mission to create a more effective and user-friendly way to load and unload cargo from commercial vans and box trucks. Offered in five different lengths, three different widths, and with either a 1,000 or 1,500-pound capacity, the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp offers safe, single-person deployment for any purpose and any load.

Cargo Van Ramps by HandiRamp are an effective solution for flexible delivery with a cargo van.

Thanks to our ramps’ exceptional versatility, a wide variety of industries have trusted our cargo van ramps to increase the safety and efficiency of their business, including:

  • Lawn & Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Deliveries
  • Telecommunications
  • Plumbing
  • Catering
  • HVAC
  • Veterinary and Pet Care
  • Electric

What Sets our Ramps Apart?

As the oldest custom ramp manufacturer in the world, we know perfection doesn’t happen overnight. Our cargo van ramps have been refined over the years with proven manufacturing processes and features to make loading and unloading your cargo van easier and safer than ever before.

Durable, Welded Construction 

When perfecting our cargo van ramp, we knew it needed to be a long-term solution that a business could count on for years and years to come. Unlike other ramps on the market that are bolted together, the HandiRamp van and box truck ramp is hand-welded by our craftsmen in Kenosha Wisconsin to ensure exceptional durability, stability, and safety. Bolts often become loose over time, whereas welds will never loosen even as the ramp ages. This makes our van ramps the safest, strongest, and most durable ramps on the market. 

Unrivaled Safety Features 

Not only is using a cargo van ramp to load and unload your van more efficient, but it is safer too. Our ramps are equipped with a variety of safety features so that you can feel confident with every use. Our ramps feature our patented raised-button non-slip surface that provides unbeatable traction in virtually any environmental condition like rain, sleet, snow, dirt, sand, or other debris. While other ramps may only provide some slight traction going up the ramp, our patented raised buttons provide 360-degree traction in any direction on the ramp. 

The ramp handles used to maneuver the ramp are welded on, not bolted, to guarantee lasting durability. The handles are also placed in ergonomic locations on the ramp to improve control, promote safe lifting practices, and prevent pinched hands.  

Safe, Single-Person Use

From the very start, HandiRamp engineers focused on designing a ramp that could be quickly, easily, and safely deployed by a person of any size. Our unique True Spring Assist™ hardware creates the safest and smoothest deployment of the ramp, pound-for-pound delivering the ramp industry’s lightest lift requirement. Most competitors’ ramps rely solely on multiple gas shocks to provide lifting assistance for their ramps. Unless they’re massive in size, gas shocks alone don’t have the ability to lift the substantial weight of an aluminum van ramp. Handi Ramp folding cargo van ramps utilize a combination of heavy-duty springs for maximum lifting power and a set of gas shocks for smooth, safe operation.

Do-it-Yourself Installation

With a variety of cargo and commercial van models on the market, we aimed to make the installation of our cargo van ramps a cinch for anyone and any model. Our versatile installation process allows for effortless differentiation in bolt placement to accommodate any cargo van model or box truck. Indeed, if you purchase a ramp from us, we’ll be at your disposal to answer any pre or post-installation questions. 

Cargo Van Ramp Features:  

  • Patented 360-degree anti-slip raised-button traction surface makes the ramp safe to use in all weather conditions including snow, rain, ice, and sand. 
  • Multiple welded handles placed ergonomically on both sides of the ramp prevent pinched hands and ensure a firm, safe grip when deploying and stowing the ramp.
  • True Spring Assist™ technology, consisting of extension springs, safety cables, and wheel casters, makes our ramps the easiest, smoothest, and safest to deploy and stow.  Only one person is needed to operate the ramp, and it can be deployed and stowed in under a minute.
  • Expertly welded construction makes for a safer, stronger, and more reliable ramp. 
  • Available in 5 standard lengths and 3 different widths to accommodate various loading locations and virtually any equipment or cargo. 
  • Occupies less than 12 inches of cargo space, with a chain and rubber clasp to keep the ramp securely closed while driving. 
  • Constructed of hardwearing aluminum in the U.S.A., our ramps are durable and made to last. 
  • The 1,000 lb capacity is standard, ensuring even the heaviest equipment can be loaded or unloaded safely.
  • The 1,500 lb capacity ramps have an additional welded center leg, adding increased support and structural integrity.
  • All HandiRamp cargo van ramps include a three-year warranty to ensure your utmost satisfaction.