Choosing the Right Cargo Van Ramp

When it comes to optimizing your business operations, selecting the ideal ramp for your cargo van is crucial. Whether you frequently transport heavy equipment, large cargo, or smaller packages, having the proper ramp will make loading and unloading a breeze. HandiRamp’s line of cargo van ramps includes 5 standard lengths, 3 widths, and 2 capacity options so you can select the ramp with the dimensions that best fit your cargo van and business needs. 

With multiple ramp options to choose from, this page will help guide you through the process of selecting the ideal van ramp for your needs. If you ever have any questions about our ramps or are still unsure about which ramp will work best for you, please give our friendly ramp experts a call at 866-833-0314 or instant message us using the ‘Chat with Us’ button to the right.

Which Ramp is Best for My Cargo Van?

Before exploring which ramp specifications would be most conducive to your business operations, it is first important to determine what ramp sizes will properly fit in your cargo van.

There are a few measurements you should collect from your van, and they are as follows: 
  • Rear door opening height
  • Rear door opening width
  • Load (floor) height
  • Any modifications made to the van’s cargo area

To make this process quicker and easier, HandiRamp has developed the Cargo Van Ramp Configurator. All you have to do is enter your van’s make, model, year, wheelbase, and roof height, and we will sort through our standard cargo van ramps to provide you with only the ramps that will fit your van.

Try our configurator by clicking the link above to separate our selection of cargo van ramps into only the ramps that will fit your van! 

Once you know which ramps will fit in your van, you’ll need to determine what ramp width and length are most flexible and effective for your current and future needs.

What Width Should My Cargo Van Ramp Be?

HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps are available in three standard widths: 36 inches, 45 inches, or 52 inches. (It is also important to note that once installed, the installation hardware adds an additional 9 inches so this must also be accommodated in your van’s rear door opening width.)


Compact cargo vans like the Ram Promaster City and the Ford Transit Connect will only be able to accommodate 36” wide ramps but some larger cargo vans will be able to fit all three width options. Depending upon the width of the ramp and the door opening, cargo van ramps can be installed in the center or on either side of the door opening. 


After confirming which ramp widths will fit in your cargo van, you can then determine the width that will be most effective for your business. In general, wider ramps are able to transport larger cargo because there is a larger amount of surface area compared to narrower ramps. For example, a landscaping company transporting industrial lawnmowers would require a wider ramp to ensure the equipment can be loaded and transported safely. If the ramp will be used primarily with foot traffic or dollies to transport smaller goods, a more narrow ramp is suitable. 

Another consideration when selecting ramp width is the compatibility with HandiRamp cargo van ramp accessories. The Tower Hoist, which reduces the effort required to lift the ramp, is highly recommended for use with 52” wide ramps because of the way it is installed on the sides of the ramp and door opening. Conversely, the Cargo Van Ramp Swivel, which allows the ramp to swing about 180-degrees inwards and outwards through the door opening, is only recommended for 36” wide ramps and situationally for 45” wide ramps because of the added hardware on the side of the ramp.

In summary: 


More Narrow Ramps (36”)

  • Ideal for: dollies, hand carts, packages, smaller cargo, and equipment
  • Business sectors: catering, telecom, package delivery, plumbing, small business
  • Swivel accessory capability 

Wider Ramps (45” & 52”) 

  • Ideal for: large equipment and cargo
  • Business sectors: plumbing, electric, landscaping, construction, HVAC, large cargo delivery 

Tower Hoist accessory capability


How Long Should My Cargo Van Ramp Be?

Shorter Ramps – Short & Medium 

The Short (7ft) and Medium (9ft) ramps are the two shortest ramps offered in HandiRamp’s standard cargo van ramp line. These bi-fold ramps are constructed with less material than the longer ramps offered in HandiRamp’s cargo van ramp line, so they are a bit easier to unfold and stow. Depending on how you’ll be using the ramp, a shorter ramp may be a little easier to use if you’ll be deploying the ramp frequently throughout the day. 


Shorter ramps are also ideal for loading/unloading areas that have limited space like in urban areas and cities. If your van will be making multiple deliveries a day in cramped locations, a shorter ramp may be most efficient. 


On the other hand, shorter ramps will not have as gentle of a slope compared to their longer counterparts. Shorter length = less ramp to cover the van’s rise. This may require a bit more effort to transport cargo up and down the ramp. Because of HandiRamp’s exclusive 360-degree non-slip raised button traction surface, slips and falls are still prevented even with a steeper slope on the ramp. However, a longer ramp with a more gradual slope may be preferable when transporting large equipment and cargo. 



  • Lighter and easy to unfold and stow
  • Ideal for use in tight spaces
  • Ideal for compact and smaller cargo vans


  • May not have as gentle of a slope as longer ramps

Longer Ramps – Long, Extra Long, & Extra-Extra Long 

On the longer end of the spectrum, HandiRamp’s cargo van ramp line offers Long (10.5ft), Extra Long (12ft), and Extra-Extra Long (15ft) length ramps. While the Long is a bifold ramp, the Extra Long and Extra-Extra Long are tri-fold ramps. Because of their longer lengths, these ramps come with a heavier weight compared to shorter ramps and will take more effort to unfold and stow. However, these longer ramps still remain operable by just one person. This increased effort can be reduced with the addition of the Tower Hoist accessory, which HandiRamp recommends with the Extra Long and Extra-Extra Long tri-fold ramps.  Contrary to the shorter ramps, longer cargo van ramps will have a more gentle slope from the van. With a gentle slope, the amount of effort to move the cargo up and down the ramp is reduced. It also allows for more control when using a dolly or hand cart. This is most ideal for loading and unloading large cargo and equipment like appliances and motorized equipment like lawnmowers. 

  • More gentle slope than shorter ramps
  • Ideal for loading and unloading large & heavy cargo
  • Ideal for full-size cargo vans and/or cargo vans with a high roof 

  • May not be ideal for cramped locations
  • More effort may be needed to unfold and stow the ramp

What Capacity Should My Cargo Van Ramp Have?

HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps have a standard 1,000lb or 1,500lb capacity. The Short, Medium, and Long ramps have a standard 1,000lb capacity. The Extra Long and Extra-Extra Long ramps have a standard 1,500lb capacity. The capacity is increased to 1,500lbs due to the welded center leg located where the ramp folds. If needed, Short, Medium, and Long ramps can be affixed with a center leg for additional support and expanded capacity. Just let us know!

Determining what capacity your cargo van ramp should have really revolves around the type of cargo or machinery you will be transporting. While the 1,000lb capacity will be suitable for most applications like transporting packages and medium sized cargo, the 1,500lb capacity ramp will be crucial if you will be transporting anything above 1,000lbs. It’s important to note that the cargo on the ramp should never exceed the ramp’s capacity in order to make sure your cargo van ramp can properly serve your business for years to come! 

The Cargo Van Ramp for Your Specifications and Business Needs

HandiRamp’s line of standard cargo van ramps was designed to service a vast variety of vans and businesses. Still, we understand that certain applications will require custom solutions. All of our cargo van ramps are fabricated in-house at our locations across the United States, so we have the ability to create the exact cargo van ramp you require for your van and business operations. Just give our friendly ramp experts a call at 866-833-0314 or chat with us to the right!