The HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp Features & Benefits

The upfitting market is flooded with dozens of ramp styles and types targeted at cargo/commercial vans like the Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter. From simple walk ramps, to articulated folding ramps that stow inside the vehicle, there are a multitude of choices for the commercial ramp buyer to consider. 

With so many choices, finding the best ramp for your needs can seem overwhelming.

If you’re like most cargo van ramp buyers, your priorities include ease-of-use, safety, durability and value.  A well-designed van ramp should allow for the easy, safe deployment of the ramp by a single person. The ramp should be safe and simple to use whether you’re a 250 pound man unloading a motorized zero-radius lawn mower, or a 100 pound catering chef rolling a hot box down the ramp for a wedding.  A top-quality van ramp should be durable enough to sustain thousands of deployments in all weather conditions and across many years of use.  Finally, the best cargo van ramps will offer exceptional value. The investment you make in the ramp today should return operating efficiency and safety dividends for a multitude of years to come.

At HandiRamp, we offer a family of cargo van ramps that check each priority that is critical to your satisfaction. Our motivation in designing the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp was to produce the “Toyota 4Runner” of the van ramp industry – a rugged, no-nonsense ramp that represents the ultimate in utility and durability.  

With the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp, form most definitely follows function. We didn’t set out to make the prettiest or sleekest looking ramp, (we’ll leave that to our European competition), but rather to manufacture a ramp that never fails you when you’re at an important job or miles out in the field. 

Think about this: most of our competitors’ ramps have over 100 bolts, nuts, and washers holding the various bits and bobs of the ramp together.  That’s 100 points of failure bouncing around in the back of your van every mile in every day.  By contrast, our cargo van ramps have up to 60% fewer parts. How is that possible? Whenever possible, we join parts with high-strength TIG welds, not screws, eliminating dozens of potential points of failure from which other ramps suffer.

Let’s delve into a few of the stand-out features that make the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp the best on the market.

Patented 360-Degree Anti-slip Traction Surface Ensures Safe Footing

One of the first criteria in designing our van ramp was to create the safest ramp on the market.  To this end, each ramp comes standard with our exclusive patented 360-Degree Anti Slip Traction Surface. In our extensive experience we’ve seen how cargo van ramps can become slippery, especially in dirty or wet conditions. The hundreds of raised traction buttons on our ramp surface dramatically reduces the possibility of you or equipment slipping and sliding.

Patented 360º Anti-Slip Surface

Many of our competitor’s ramps use standard sheet aluminum with horizontal ribs for up-and-down traction.  The problem with this is that traction is virtually non-existent when you or your machine pivots left or right.  For example, say you wanted to straighten out a 500-pound pallet as you walked down the ramp. The moment you shift your weight to the left or right, the chances of losing your footing is drastically increased.

That’s not going to happen on the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp. No matter what direction you place your weight, traction and sure footing will be there.

True Spring Assist™Makes One-Person Operation Safe and Efficient

True Spring Assist

Unlike many lift-assisting ramps on the market, our exclusive True Spring Assist™ hardware provides a remarkably safe and smooth ramp deployment, ensuring that the ramp is easily operable not only by one individual, but also with minimum effort. You don’t have to rely solely on your own strength as our lift system offers a fluid roll-out and an even, controlled force when stowing the ramp. Many competitors’ assisted ramps are built around multiple gas shocks, or require the use of more than one person to provide lifting assistance for their ramps. The take-up of these ramps can be jerky and the amount of force needed to open or close the ramp is uneven.  Poor design, uneven effort and multiple hands increase the potential for injury and accident.

USA Welded Construction Reduces Failure Points, Increases Reliability

Our USA Welded Construction on HandiRamp’s Cargo Van Ramp is completed under a combined 100 years of welding expertise and supervision makes sure that each weld meets the highest standards. Our hand-welded construction ensures that our Cargo Van Ramps not only exceed quality standards in design, but also offer long-lasting durability, phenomenal stability, and reliable safety. Other van ramps on the market are bolted together and can become loose with use, requiring additional vigilance and maintenance over time. Our in-house welders ensure that the welds never come loose and grant the strongest, safest, and most durable folding van ramp available.

HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp Welded Construction

Designed For Safe, Single-Person Use

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Our key safety features include the top-mounted handles that we welded – not bolted – for the safest stability. Unlike the competition that places their handles on the side of the frame, our handles are placed on the top of side rails to improve lifting ergonomics and to enhance the control that an operator has when stowing or deploying the ramp. Combined, the welded hinge guards and top-mounted handles dramatically reduce the possibility of pinched fingers.

Simple, Do-it-Yourself Installation

Another feature that truly sets HandiRamp’s Cargo Van Ramps apart from others on the market is the simplicity of the installation. Anyone with the skills to use a measuring tape, electric drill, ratchet, and wrench can install our ramp in just a couple of hours. We all know how pesky any sort of assembly or installation can be, let alone dangerous, so we wanted to safeguard our product to best fit and assemble in cargo vans. We began in-depth research into the most popular van and truck make and models while creating our cargo van ramp to ensure our versatile installation process allows for differentiation in the bolt placement to accommodate any cargo van or box truck on the market.

Cargo Van Ramps are easy to install

With each installation over the years and nearly 1,000 ramps installed in vehicles of all makes, models, and sizes, we’ve evaluated and analyzed the entire process to provide the easiest and fastest installation of HandiRamp’s Cargo Van Ramp. Here at HandiRamp, we are at your disposal for assistance with any pre or post-installation questions. Our personal goal is your complete satisfaction!


If you have any additional questions, have special needs, or have modified your van, let’s connect! We are here to make sure that you’re getting the product with the best capability to fit your loading and unloading needs. While over 90% of our customers find great utility and value in our standard, in-stock ramps and sizes, we offer custom solutions for vans with unique loading needs or aftermarket equipment. If that’s the case, we’re here to talk.

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