Ford E-Transit Van

The E-Transit is Ford’s 1st fully electric cargo van model.

The Ford E-Transit is an excellent choice for business owners looking to make their operations more sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only is it better for the environment with zero tailpipe emissions, but Ford also boasts that the E-Transit will save you money with 40% fewer scheduled maintenance costs. With three models (cargo van, cutaway, and chassis cab) and three roof heights available, you’ll be able to find the electric cargo van that perfectly supports your business operations. Even though they are not electric, competing cargo van models include the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and cross-badged Sprinter variants, Dodge Ram ProMaster, and the recently discontinued Nissan NV.

Top business sectors that use the Ford Transit:







While your Ford E-Transit cargo van has increased the efficiency of your business, the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp will increase that efficiency two-fold. With exclusive features like the True Spring Assist technology and patented non-slip surface, our cargo van ramp is the easiest to use–safely operable by just one person! Our True Spring Assist technology significantly reduces the lifting ability required to deploy and stow the ramp. The patented 360-degree raised button non-slip surface has been used on our ramps for decades and prevents slips in falls in any direction on the ramp, not just up and down. 


Other stand-out features of the HandiRamp cargo van ramp include the welded construction–no risk of loose bolts!–and ergonomically-placed handles that promote safe lifting and prevent pinched hands. Constructed of hard-wearing aluminum and offered in both standard and custom sizes and capacities, our cargo van ramps are designed to support your business for years to come.

You’ve invested a lot into your business, and HandiRamp’s mission is to protect that investment by increasing your operation’s efficiency and safety with our state-of-the-art Cargo Van Ramps.

It now takes less than a minute to find the perfect ramp for your cargo van. HandiRamp’s Cargo Van Ramp Configurator makes it quick and easy to find the ramp that will best fit your cargo van and business needs. All you have to do is plug in your cargo van’s make, model, year, wheelbase, and roof height, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be able to select the cargo van ramp that best suits your needs. No more guessing or fruitless searching!

HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp Features:

  • Patented 360-degree anti-slip raised-button traction surface makes the ramp safe to use in all weather conditions including snow, rain, ice, and sand. Multiple welded handles placed ergonomically on both sides of the ramp prevent pinched hands and ensure a firm, safe grip when deploying and stowing the ramp.
  • True Spring Assist™ technology, consisting of extension springs, safety cables, and wheel casters, makes our ramps the easiest, smoothest, and safest to deploy and stow. Only one person is needed to operate the ramp.
  • Expertly welded construction makes for a safer, stronger, and more reliable ramp. 
  • Available in 5 standard lengths and 3 different widths to accommodate various loading locations and virtually any equipment or cargo. 
  • Occupies less than 12 inches of cargo space, with a chain and rubber clasp to keep the ramp securely closed while driving. 
  • Constructed of hardwearing aluminum in the U.S.A., our ramps are durable and made to last. 
  • The 1,000 lb capacity is standard, ensuring even the heaviest equipment can be loaded or unloaded safely.
  • The 1,500 lb capacity ramps have an additional welded center leg, adding additional support and structural integrity.
  • The unique quick-mount feature (sold separately) allows the ramp to be removed and reinstalled in minutes.
  • Our tower hoist (sold separately) is a unique addon that allows the effortless unfolding and folding of the ramp.
  • All HandiRamp cargo van ramps include a two-year warranty to ensure your utmost satisfaction.