Cargo Van Ramp Installation Services

While you’ve been examining and falling in love with HandiRamp’s thorough selection of cargo van ramps, one question remains in your mind — how would your company be able to install new CVRs? While all of our cargo van ramps can be user-installed, HandiRamp also offers installation services for those with no time or desire to complete the installation themselves.

If your business is already swamped with tasks or considering purchasing one of our additional accessories, HandiRamp’s installation service may just be perfect for your situation. Our van ramp installation service takes the burden of installing new ramps for your cargo vans off your shoulders and leaves you with more time and an expertly installed CVR regardless of any added accessories.

Why your business should utilize HandiRamp installation services

There are several positives to making use of our installation services, on top of the already numerous benefits of purchasing new folding ramps for your business’s cargo vans. While you are able to install any of our ramps by yourself if so desired, if this is your first experience handling a CVR, the ability to ensure your cargo van ramp is installed professionally and quickly will be a great benefit to your business.

Take advantage of the experts:

If you are worried about being able to successfully install a new cargo van ramp yourself, we’ve got you covered. Over the years we’ve installed or helped our customers install hundreds of ramps in any different make or model cargo or sprinter van. By taking advantage of HandiRamp experts’ wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can be assured that any cargo van ramp you purchase will be set up correctly and built to last.

Do-It-Yourself Installation of Cargo Van Ramp

Ensure accessories are installed correctly:

HandiRamp offers several useful accessories that can increase the ease-of-use of your ramp — like the Quick Mount Kit and Tower Hoist — or offer the ability to open up the rear of your cargo van to other loading methods — like the Swivel. While the installation process can become slightly more complicated when one of these additional products is included with your ramp, our HandiRamp experts are always up to the task. Even in the face of potential complications to the installation process — like the presence of spare tires, wiring under the van floor, or cargo vans with preexisting enhancements or racking — you are guaranteed to retain the same high level of durability and quality from a standard installation process.

Don’t waste your precious time:

As previously mentioned, your company is already busy striving for success and might not have the extra time available to perform a self-install. In this common scenario, having HandiRamp outfit your fleet of vans with the incredible enhancement of new cargo van ramps saves you time today and continues to save time and money into the future.

Available nationwide:

With multiple hubs across the country, you may likely have an installation location near you! We have three facilities across the continental United States that offer installation services: one in Kenosha, WI, another in Denton, NC, and another in Glendale, AZ.

Cargo Van Ramps can be installed by our team across the US

Details about installation services


After you’ve decided to enhance your business with new cargo van ramps and to utilize the offered installation service, your first step is to call our team of friendly experts at 800-876-7267 and schedule a date and time for your install. On the day of your scheduled installation, drop off your box truck or cargo vans with our professional installers for an afternoon. Once your vans are equipped with new van ramps, you simply drive home knowing you’re more prepared than ever to tackle your business’s challenges.


Once you turn over your vehicles to our installers, our team will begin the roughly two-to-four hour process of attaching your ramps and/or accessories. If you decide on the standard CVR without any additional add-ons, the installation should take only around two hours. Because attaching any accessories slightly increases the complexity of the process, expect to wait around three to four hours for the installation to be completed if you purchase the Tower Hoist, Swivel, or Quick Mount Kit.


Just as the duration of the installation process varies with any accessories, the price of the install with add-ons is marginally higher. The regular ramp installation costs your business just $300 per van, while the price to install a CVR with accessories is around $450. To get an exact quote for your specific scenario, go ahead and call our team at the aforementioned number.

What Next?

If this post helped you decide on whether or not to purchase a new HandiRamp cargo van ramp or utilize the installation process, you can browse our selection of cargo van ramps or browse all of the available accessories to finalize your decision. If you still need a little extra convincing, you can keep reading about how a ramp improves delivery operations here and just how beneficial investing in new cargo van ramps is for your business here.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you found this both entertaining and educational. If you have questions about any of the particulars involved with purchasing or installing, please call our ramp experts at 800-876-7267 to discuss anything you’re still curious about. Stay tuned for more tips, information, and updates from HandiRamp.