How a CVR Can Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Delivery Operations

Cargo Van Ramps improve safety and efficiecy

While you’re zipping around town making deliveries, you’re probably not thinking about the efficiency of your delivery operations. You have deadlines to beat and deliveries to make. However, the optimal delivery methods and tools should be on your mind, because even the most successful businesses can accomplish more when employing the appropriate tools for the job. You’re a professional; your delivery business and its operations should reflect that.

The main aspects you should consider when examining ways to upgrade your deliveries are efficiency and safety. You need to quickly load and unload your cargo or sprinter van repeatedly while also maintaining the safest work environment possible for you and your employees. The perfect way to achieve both these goals is with the HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp which is designed to achieve both maximum efficiency and safety.

Why a Cargo Van Ramp is Great for Deliveries

HandiRamp carries a wide selection of cargo van ramps that fit a variety of cargo van models and that are suitable for many business needs. Many different types of industries, even beyond deliveries, have already chosen to better their business using our cargo van ramps, including but not limited to:








The list of businesses that make frequent use of cargo vans is even longer. If a home furnishing business wishes to ease its loading and unloading process for cumbersome furniture, a delivery ramp will provide the perfect solution. If an electrician who has to drive between multiple locations daily before unloading heavy equipment desires to make it easier to get equipment in and out of their van, a cargo van ramp will help. And if a wedding cake baker prefers their extravagant creations to survive the loading and unloading process, a cargo van ramp once again is the ideal answer.


Loading and unloading your payloads by hand instead of via a ramp only complicates and prolongs your deliveries. Trying to lug heavy, fragile, or large objects in and out of your van without the aid of a ramp can also become very costly to your business if an employee becomes injured while carrying a delivery or if a shipment is damaged. Installing a cargo van ramp not only saves you time and effort during your operations, but, in the long run, money as well.

Which Cargo Van Ramp is Best for Deliveries?

To understand exactly how one of HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps will improve your delivery process, you should first discover the specs of the van ramps we carry and what features complete them. Luckily for you and your business, our diverse selection of van ramps is highly customizable and built to last.

Cargo Van Ramps come in 5 standard lengths

HandiRamp offers five length options, three width options, and two weight-capacity options. The smallest ramp is the 7 ft Short ramp, then the 9 ft Medium ramp, the 10.5 ft Long ramp, the 12 ft Extra Long ramp, and finally the 15 ft Extra-Extra Long ramp. All five of these ramps are available in any of the three width variations — 36”, 45”, and 52” — and either the 1000 lb or 1500 lb capacity alternates.

HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp Welded Construction

Each one of our cargo van ramps is hand-welded by our expert craftsmen in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and comes standard with numerous safety, ease-of-use, and efficiency-minded features. Most other folding cargo or sprinter van ramps are assembled using a motley of bolts. We weld all of our ramps because bolted ramps have a shorter shelf life and will require more maintenance and supervision as time goes on. Welded ramps are safer, more durable, and will be useful much longer.

Patented 360º Anti-Slip Surface

Another important safety feature of our delivery van ramps is our patented non-slip surface. The surface of every ramp is dotted with our 360-degree anti-slip raised traction buttons. These buttons provide far greater grip than other ramps, and make it easier and safer to transport cargo in and out of your van at any angle and in any weather conditions. Each ramp also comes equipped with welded ramp handles that help keep your fingers out of harm’s way while efficiently deploying the ramp.

We’ve taken special care to ensure that each of our ramps can be safely deployed by a single person so you don’t have to waste time or money on extra hands to help with deliveries. Using our unique combination of gas shocks and heavy-duty springs, our delivery ramps can be safely deployed and stowed with minimum effort and only require one operator.

Complementing gas shocks with heavy-duty springs are ideal for delivery ramps because they reduce the amount of effort required to frequently utilize the ramp while making deliveries. This system also reduces the need for future repairs or replacements, once again saving you money in the long haul.

Cargo Van Ramps are easy to deploy

HandiRamp’s Cargo Van Ramps Make Your Deliveries Safer and More Efficient

With the help of one of our versatile cargo or sprinter van ramps, you can upgrade your day-to-day delivery operations to become easier to perform, less costly, and safer for your employees. Carrying deliveries in and out of the van wastes your precious time, and a van ramp will efficiently let you carry heavy packages or walk dollies and handcarts up and down the ramp with less energy exerted and more time saved. No extra help is required to employ our ramps either, as just one person is all that is needed to store and unfold them. Finally, while stored the ramp reaches less than one foot deep into the van leaving the vast majority of the space available for your cargo.

Save money, save time, and save effort by giving your delivery business the essential enhancement of HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps.

Your Next Steps

If you would like to improve your delivery operations, click here to browse our selection of cargo van ramps. To discover which ramp sizes will fit in your specific model of cargo van, try HandiRamp’s free Cargo Van Ramp Configurator If you have any remaining questions, please call our friendly ramp experts at 866-833-0314 to discuss anything from product delivery to pre or post-installation help to custom solutions.

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