Right Ramp Length for Your Cargo Van & Business Needs

Even the most passionate businesses will struggle if stuck with improper tools. You really care about your business and need a cargo van ramp to efficiently carry out your duties, but how do you know which length is the best for your situation? A side-effect of our comprehensive selection of in-stock cargo van ramps is it might be a challenge to decide which length is ideal for your business’s needs. But with five different length options, ranging from the Short 7 ft van ramp all the way to the Extra-Extra Long 15 ft van ramp, we’re sure to have the perfect ramp length for you, your van(s), and your business.

Choosing Your Ramp

When deciding which ramp length is right for your cargo or commercial van, there are two principal factors to consider. First, which ramp lengths can physically fit in your business’s vehicles? Even our top-of-the-line product will be useless to you if it can’t fit into your cargo van. And second, how will your business be utilizing the ramps? Different van ramp lengths are better suited to different purposes.

  • Lawn and Landscaping
  • Construction, Deliveries, Telecommunications
  • Plumbing
  • Catering
  • HVAC
  • Veterinary and Pet Care
  • Electric Contracting

However, before you can pick the perfect ramp to fit your business’s needs, you need to know what ramp lengths are available. Below is a quick tour of our various cargo van ramp lengths and the extra options available to customize your purchase.

Our Selection of Cargo Van Ramps

As previously stated, we offer five different cargo van ramp lengths. The shortest is the 7 ft Short ramp, then the 9 ft Medium ramp, the 10.5 ft Long ramp
Cargo Van Ramp bi-fold ramps: Short, Medium and Long

The longest ramps are the 12 ft Extra Long ramp, and finally the 15 ft Extra-Extra Long ramp. All five length ramps are available in three different width variations and two capacity options.

Cargo Van Ramp trii-fold ramps: Extra-Long and Extra-Extra-Long

The Short, Medium, and Long ramps are all bi-fold ramps meaning they consist of two equal ramp sections that fold up together to be stowed in your van when not in use. These three cargo ramps are available in three widths — 36”, 45”, and 52” — and both capacity options of 1000 lbs and 1500 lbs. The Extra Long and Extra-Extra Long ramps are tri-fold ramps and are also available in all three widths but only offer the 1500 lbs capacity option.

With all five lengths, the price is higher for a wider ramp or a greater capacity ramp. No matter which length, width, or capacity van ramp you purchase, the quality is the same across the board. All ramp lengths are quickly and easily deployable by one person thanks to our unique combination of gas shocks and powerful springs with our True Spring Assist deployment system. All ramps are hand-welded by our craftsmen in Kenosha, Wisconsin, offering a much longer-lasting and dependable product than one assembled using bolts. All ramp lengths come with safety features as well— including our patented raised-button non-slip surface and welded ramp handles — to help safeguard your business and employees.

The Right Ramp for Your Van

The first question to ask when considering the ideal ramp for your business is which ramp lengths will physically fit inside your business’ cargo vans. You can accomplish this by measuring certain aspects of the vehicles you plan to purchase van ramps for, specifically determining the rear door opening width and height along with the load height from the ground to the floor of your van.

Thanks to HandiRamp, there is an even more effortless way to complete this process. Our Cargo Van Ramp Configurator is a free way to quickly and easily determine exactly which ramp lengths accommodate your specific cargo vans. You can use this tool to identify which of our ramps will fit into your unique vehicle using just the make, model, and year of your cargo van. No extra measurements or math required! 

The Right Ramp for Your Business

Next, you should consider which ramp lengths would be most beneficial for your specific business and how to get the most out of your cargo van ramp by examining what you will be transporting and in what kind of environment.

The longer a ramp is, the more gentle the incline between the ground and the floor of the cargo area, and vice versa. Considering this, HandiRamp recommends maintaining a 1:4 slope ratio for businesses transporting heavier or larger cargo. In layman’s terms, for every 1 inch of rise above the ground, you should have 4 inches of ramp, producing a 14° angle at the end of the ramp. This ratio can be tailored to your specific needs as well.

For instance, a caterer in an urban area who doesn’t transport large or heavy equipment but instead makes frequent light deliveries could alternatively opt for the sharper incline provided by the Short ramp which is better suited for city streets with limited parking availability. If that caterer happens to have a Freightliner Sprinter 3500 — which has a high 31.1” load height — they should consider a longer ramp as the Short ramp would produce much too steep an incline. Construction companies who are transporting large and heavy equipment should consider a longer ramp with a moderate incline to ease the unloading process. Suppose the company uses vans like the RAM Promaster or Ford Transit Connect, both of which are more compact and offer a lower 23” load height. In that case, they might prefer the Medium or Long ramp which would maintain a similar incline as a longer ramp on a taller van. Since tri-fold ramps take up more room inside the vehicle when stowed, a shorter bi-fold ramp would also preserve more room when stowed inside compact vans like the Promaster and Transit Connect.

As previously stated, all five ramp lengths can be quickly and safely deployed by just one person. However, our longer ramps are naturally heavier and more difficult to deploy. Tri-fold ramps also take up more room inside the vehicle when stowed. If your business operations require you to unload and load your van frequently throughout the day, a shorter and lighter ramp might better suit your situation.

Your Next Steps

Now that you’re more of an expert in ramp lengths, click here to browse our selection of cargo van ramps. If you have any lingering questions, please call our friendly ramp experts at 866-833-0314 to discuss anything from delivery to pre or post-installation help to custom solutions.

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