Delivery, Cargo, Loading and Commercial Van Ramps

The best solution to loading and unloading your cargo van is here. With industry-leading features like our patented raised-button traction surface and True Spring Assist™ lifting technology, HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps make transporting cargo and equipment safe and efficient. Available in 5 standard lengths, we have the ramp solution for any make and model of a cargo van to increase your productivity and keep you safe in the process.

Forget the complicated research and worry that a ramp will fit in your vehicle. HandiRamp makes it easy to find the cargo van ramp that will best serve your vehicle and business. To explore our commercial van ramps, simply input your van’s make, model, year, wheelbase, and roof height into our state-of-the-art Cargo Van Ramp Configurator. You will then be shown the ramps that are compatible with your van.

Need more information before you purchase? We get it. We have comprehensive guides on choosing the right cargo van ramp for you and why you should choose HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps

If you don’t see exactly what you need for your cargo van’s specifications, like a cargo van that has aftermarket equipment or upfits installed, HandiRamp manufactures custom cargo van ramps. Simply give our friendly ramp experts a call at 866-833-0314. 

Loading Ramps for Commercial Vans

Dodge Ram ProMaster Van Loading Ramp 750 lb capacity

The Handi-Ramp Commercial Cargo Van Ramp comes in a variety of widths including 36, 45 and 52 inches as well as capacities of 1,000 pounds or 1,500 pounds to match your cargo van’s loading and unloading needs. To find the right van loading ramp for the specific make, model and year of your vehicle, use our Cargo Van Ramp Configurator.

Side Mounted Delivery Van Ramp

Delivery Van Loading Ramp

The Side Mounted Delivery Loading Van Ramp Series includes a full range of van ramps designed to be mounted in vans or mini-vans. Optional quick mount for easy installation and removal. Available in 5 foot, 6 1/2 foot (primarily for mini-vans) and 7 foot lengths.

Delivery Business Loading Ramp Applications

  • Computer Service & Delivery
  • Food & Meat Delivery Business
  • Wagon Jobbers
  • Stationary Delivery Business
  • Lawn Care Business
  • Office Supply Delivery Business
  • Florist Delivery Business
  • Catering Delivery Business
  • Furniture Delivery Business
  • Package Delivery

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Handi-Ramp® Side Mounted Delivery Van Ramp

All of the ramps in the Delivery Loading Van Ramp System Series are equipped with “assisted lifting” for ease of use. The Delivery Van Loading Ramps are all equipped with non-skid tread ways and wheel guides for added safety. The Delivery Loading Van Ramp Series includes a full range of van ramps designed to be mounted in vans or mini-vans.

Our Delivery Loading Van Ramps are available in 5 foot, 6 1/2 foot (primarily for mini-vans) and 7 foot lengths to correspond with your individual needs. The standard width of 26 inches accommodates most vehicles. Other widths are available on special order.

Handi-Ramp Van Ramp

Handi-Ramp Van Ramp

Easy To Use – Easy To Install

All of our cargo van ramps are lightweight and can be operated with minimum effort by one person. Equipped with “spring assisted lifting”, Handi-Ramp® Van Ramps have been designed for ease of use.

Non-skid surface and side flanges are included on all Handi-Ramp® Van Ramps offering safe and easy access to your van.

All Handi-Ramp® cargo van ramps are delivered fully assembled and require a simple 3-bolt installation. Depending upon your vehicle, the ramp will mount either on the floor of your van or in the step well using three brackets. Ramps can be installed to create easy access through either a sliding side door or the rear doors.

Quick-Mount for Delivery Vans

Our new Quik-Mount(TM) mounting system allows van and RV owners to install and completely remove our van ramp in minutes when not in use.

Aluminum Van Ramps

The Handi-Ramp® Van Ramps are manufactured from Aluminum. The Aluminum Van Ramp, requires less lifting effort and has the best non-skid surface available.

Aluminum Van Ramp

6 1/2ft



17½ lbs. *
19½ lbs. *
20 lbs. *