When it comes to industrial and commercial environments, being safety-conscious isn’t an option. It is a necessity. In order for your business to maintain peak productivity, your operations must be supported by equipment that allows your team to stay both safe and efficient. After all, OSHA exists for a reason. 

Perhaps the current building your business occupies may have originally been used for a different purpose, so there are ledges, steps, or platforms in the midst of work areas. Or maybe you operate a large conference center that requires the use of motorized material handling tools, like motorized carts, stock chasers, personnel carriers, or tuggers, to transport a variety of equipment, cargo, and people throughout the building. No matter the facility, it is essential that your operations continue to run efficiently and safely. 

The HandiRamp Lightweight Material Handling Ramp

We’re pleased to announce our latest innovation in material handling convenience and safety – The HandiRamp Lightweight Material Handling Ramp. Our goal in designing the lightweight material handling ramp was to make moving cargo with various warehouse utility vehicles safer, easier, and more efficient. The ramp adheres to OSHA standards 1910.22(c) and 1926.451(e)(5)(ii) regarding safe access and egress between working surfaces as well as ramp slope. 

The Lightweight Material Handling Ramp can be configured to virtually any length and slope. The five-foot-long, non-slip aluminum ramp sections are 5 ft wide and are securely supported by steel legs. Each section weighs about 120 lbs and is connected to one another via our patent-pending adjustable ramp legs. Thanks to its modular construction, the ramp can be deployed and broken down by two people using simple hand tools in less than 20 minutes. The ramp can not only be conveniently stored when not in use but also moved from one location to another in the bed of any full-size pickup truck.

To comply with OSHA ramp safety standards, the ramps can be configured with handrails that can be easily installed and removed.  Thus, if there will be foot traffic on the ramp, we’ve got the safety regulations covered!

With a 3,000 lb capacity, the lightweight material handling ramp supports the use of material handling vehicles like pallet jacks, hand trucks, and carts as well as equipment like industrial scrubbers. As you’ve used these vehicles and equipment in your facility, you know that they are recommended for use on flat surfaces. That is why we have designed a ramp to allow multiple sections to be securely joined, providing a ramp that is extremely gradual so that the vehicle can be safely operated both up and down the ramp. To make the ramp even safer, the non-slip diamond pattern surface of the ramp bed provides exceptional, 360-degree traction while still ensuring that the equipment wheels won’t snag on the traction surface. 

Lightweight Material Handling Ramp Features: 

  • Constructed of hard-wearing aluminum with steel legs
  • Gradual slope for safe usage with equipment and warehouse utility vehicles
  • 3,000 lb capacity 
  • Non-slip diamond pattern surface 
  • Guardrails for added safety 
  • Modular construction, making it easy to install and store