Cargo Van Ramp Accessories

Cargo Van Ramp Accessories

If you are looking into the best cargo van ramp to improve your business’s operations, you’re going to want to take a look at HandiRamp’s cargo van ramps because of the incredible added value this product brings to your business. With a cargo van ramp, frequent deliveries and unloading cumbersome cargo have never been easier. But why stop there?

HandiRamp also offers several options and accessories to further improve your business capabilities by optimizing the ramp to your specific needs.

The Base Models

Before diving into all of the additional features available to enhance the performance of your cargo van ramp, it will be Handi to familiarize yourself with the core features and benefits that are built in to every HandiRamp Cargo Van Ramp. To discover which width of cargo van ramp best suits your business’s needs, click here, and to find which specific length of ramp is most optimal for your business, click here.

With this crucial context in hand, you will be able to expertly choose the perfect add-ons to your cargo ramp for your business. Unless indicated otherwise, all of the following accessories are sold separately.


Quick Mount Kit

The Quick Mount Kit is a set of six specially designed bolts and washers that are installed directly into the rear floor of your cargo van. The primary purpose of the kit, once installed, is to enable you to easily remove and return your cargo van ramp to the van in only a few minutes.

The specialized bolts and washers within the kit enable your business to safely and quickly remove your cargo van ramp without having someone get under the vehicle to hold the nuts while the top bolts are removed. The ability to easily remove the ramp opens up a wide range of new opportunities for utilizing your cargo van. For example, if you’ve got a long load that requires every inch of the van’s length, removing the ramp might be an essential feature.

Another example of a business that benefits from Quick Mount Kit is a vet or groomer on wheels that uses a cargo van ramp to move equipment in and out of their van but doesn’t need the van ramp attached once the day-to-day operations are up and running. Thanks to the Quick Mount Kit, they can quickly install and remove the ramp between each different job location.

If you are interested in seeing more specific product data or purchasing the Quick Mount Kit, click here.

Tower Hoist

Our longest and widest ramps can weigh several hundred pounds and these large ramps benefit from the Tower Hoist. The van ramp Tower Hoist is a spring-assisted mechanism installed on either side of the rear opening of your cargo van that uses a specialized spring and cable mechanism to help draw up and extend the ramp.

he assistance offered by this tool cuts the effort needed to lift a long, wide cargo van ramp down by nearly 75%. Using the spring-assisted lift of the Tower Hoist, deploying and storing your cargo van ramp is incredibly easy and safe, requiring almost no effort.

A lawn care business that has a solo operator with each van would greatly benefit from the tower hoist. Lawn care businesses make many, frequent stops in a day and the Tower Hoist can make the deployment of the ramp far less strenuous for a single person.

If you are interested in seeing more specific product data about the Tower Hoist or making a purchase, click here.

Tower Hoist accessory increases efficiency using cargo can ramp

Cargo Van Ramp Swivel

The cargo van ramp swivel is an accessory installed underneath your van ramp allowing it to be rotated 180 degrees into or out of the vehicle. As opposed to the Quick Mount Kit where you can remove the ramp to create unobstructed access through the rear door, the swivel enables you to simply swing the ramp inward against the wall of the van or outwards by the opened rear doors.

By swinging the ramp to the side of the vehicle you can utilize other methods and equipment for loading and unloading your cargo van that would have previously been impossible with a standard cargo van ramp installed. For instance, you can now utilize a forklift to remove exceptionally heavy items because the rear doorway of the vehicle is unobstructed.

One important detail to note about the swivel is that it takes up an additional couple of inches inside your vehicle, so the swivel is only recommended for the two skinnier models of van ramp — the 36” and 45”. However, even the 45” may be a tight fight depending on what model of cargo van your business drives, so be sure to call our friendly ramp experts at 866-833-0314 to ensure that the swivel and your ramp will fit snugly together inside your vehicle.

Sometimes it can be easier to load and unload boxes and other lighter items from your van with the ramp out of the way, In these instances the ability to swing the ramp to one side can be a game changer.

To look into purchasing your own swivel mount for your cargo van ramp, click click here.

What You Can Do Next

Read in even more detail just how beneficial for your business purchasing a HandiRamp cargo van ramp is here. If you’re ready to make a purchase, click click here to browse our selection of cargo van ramps, and click here to browse all of the accessories. If you have any lingering questions, please call our ramp experts at 866-833-0314 to discuss anything from delivery to pre or post-installation help to custom solutions.

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